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Golf Handicap Calculator

Free Way to Estimate a USGA Handicap Index

So you don't have an official USGA Handicap Index, but you'd like to know what yours would be if you did have one. That's where this free golf handicap calculator comes in.

Maybe you're just curious to know what your handicap is. Perhaps you need a handicap (or at least an estimate of one) to play in a group outing, charity tournament or corporate golf event. Whatever - this calculator has you covered.

To use this calculator, you'll need a minimum of five, 18-hole golf scores, plus the USGA Course Rating and USGA Slope Rating of the golf courses where you played those rounds (those numbers can usually be found on scorecards).

Golf Handicap Calculator (18 holes)

To use: Enter the USGA course Rating and Slope for the tees you play (usually located on the scorecard), and your adjusted gross score posted for each of a minimum of 5 of your most recent rounds. (Note that this calculator is not affiliated in any way with the USGA and does not provide an "official" handicap index.) Look below the calculator for related info.

Round # USGA
Round #1
Round #2
Round #3
Round #4
Round #5
Round #6
Round #7
Round #8
Round #9
Round #10
Round #11
Round #12
Round #13
Round #14
Round #15
Round #16
Round #17
Round #18
Round #19
Round #20
Handicap Index

Using Your Estimated Handicap
To use your newly estimated handicap, you'll need to convert it into course handicap before teeing off. Course handicap is what tells you your "handicap allowance," or how many strokes you get to shave off your net score. And we have a calculator for that, too:

Course Handicap Calculator

Other Ways of Estimating Handicap Index
Golf courses, golf clubs, charities and companies that stage golf tournaments are often faced with many golfers who don't have an official handicap. And there are several same-day methods that can estimate handicaps for those events after the tournament round is completed. In those situations, tournament organizers will typically calculate a "handicap" for you, and apply it to your score. But you can use the same systems yourself, if you'd like. See these definitions:

See also:
Golf Handicap FAQ
Golf Rules

If you have questions about the rules or handicaps, visit our Golf Rules forum.

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