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Golf Handicaps - Learn About Golf Handicaps

From the Golf Handicap FAQ and Golf Handicap Glossary to free golf handicap calculators, this page includes resources for understanding and using the USGA handicap system. There's also a link at bottom for those who play under the golf handicap system in the U.K. and Ireland.

Golf Handicap FAQ - Questions and Answers about the USGA Golf Handicap System
This Golf Handicap FAQ answers frequently asked questions about golf handicaps.

Free Handicap Index Calculator
Want an idea of your handicap index without having to get an official one? Use this handy, free interactive calculator and find out just how good you are.

Overview of the Golf Handicap System
In this article, the About Golf Guide provides an overview of the USGA handicapping system, how to establish a golf handicap and what role it plays.

Free Course Handicap Calculator
Before you know how many strokes to take on a course, you need to know your course handicap. This free, interactive calculator will figure it for you.

Golf Handicap Glossary
This glossary provides definitions of terms used in the USGA Handicapping System and in the Golf Handicap FAQ.

USGA Handicap Manual
If you want the official word on every aspect of the USGA Handicap System, then the USGA Handicap Manual is the place to go.

Log in to GHIN
The Golf Handicap and Information Network allows golf clubs and golfers to post and retrieve information online.

CONGU Unified Handicapping System
CONGU stands for Council of National Golf Unions, and it is the organization that governs handicapping the U.K. and Ireland. This site includes the official handicap information from CONGU.

The Handicap Master - U.K. and Ireland Handicapping
The Handicap Master goes into great detail on the handicapping rules and regulations in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

How to Allocate Handicap Strokes in Match Play
Two golfers with different handicaps are playing match play. How are the handicap strokes allocated? Here is the answer.

What is Slope Rating at Golf Courses?
What is slope rating in golf, how does it function and what is its purpose? This entry in the Handicaps FAQ answers those questions.

How To Establish a Golf Handicap
How does a golfer go about getting a USGA golf handicap index? Read this FAQ on the subject for the answer.

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