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Ryder Cup Trivia Quizzes


Ryder Cup Trophy

The Ryder Cup trophy itself is not a trivial matter ... but these quizzes are all about trivia.

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The Ryder Cup matches are played every other year between teams of professional golfers representing Europe and the United States. The competition is one of the most-watched and most intensely contested in golf.

Our Ryder Cup quizzes will test your trivia skills and your knowledge of Ryder Cup history. There are a few easy questions here and there, plus some tough ones. But don't worry - if you don't know the answers you'll learn some cool facts by clicking through the quizzes.

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Ryder Cup History and Records
This Ryder Cup quiz focuses on the founding of the competition, changes in teams and formats, and players who've recorded tournament bests (and maybe some worsts). This quiz includes 15 questions. Take this quiz

Ryder Cup in the GB/GB&I Era
The history of the Ryder Cup can be divided into two eras: The era before the Great Britain & Ireland side was expanded to include golfers from across Europe, and the era after the Cup became a USA vs. Europe affair. This quiz includes 10 questions about the Ryder Cups played in the USA vs. Great Britain (or Great Britain & Ireland) era. Take this quiz

Ryder Cup in the Europe Era
This quiz focuses on the Ryder Cups played after the American opposition became Team Europe. You might call this the "modern era" of the Ryder Cup, the time during which the Cup exploded in popularity among fans. There are 12 trivia questions here about the teams and players of the USA vs. Europe era. Take this quiz

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