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Golf Instruction


Our golf instruction resources can help golfers seeking to get into the game, but those basics aren't just for beginners. Intermediate and even advanced players can benefit from revisiting the basics from time to time. The golf instruction resources here can benefit golfers at all levels, whether they are looking for specific golf tips or other instructional resources.
  1. The Basics of the Game
  2. The Rules of the Game
  3. Learning to Play
  4. Getting Around the Course

The Basics of the Game

Golf Scorecard - Stroke Play with Handicaps

What are the most basic things to know about the game of golf? If you've never played golf before - never set foot on a golf course - here are some starting points.

The Rules of the Game

If you're going to play golf, you need to play by the rules. But in order to the do that, you first have to learn the rules, natch. So let's take a closer look at the Rules of Golf.

Learning to Play

golf swing basics

Now that we've taken a look at some of the introductory elements of the game, and at the rules of golf, let's turn our attention to learning to play. Here are some of the fundamentals of golf, along with resources for learning more.

Getting Around the Course

Ready to move beyond the basics and beginner tips? Take a look at articles on the full swing, about bunker play, chipping and pitching, putting and other areas of exploration.

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