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Best Instructional Books on the Mental Side of Golf


Personally, we're not into mind games and mental tricks on the golf course. But, then, maybe that's why we don't score better than we do! All we know is that many of the best golfers in the world employ "mental coaches" (otherwise known as sports psychologists) to help them with their game and with golf psychology. If you think you might derive some benefit from access to the same mental tricks and tips that the pros employ, these books might be just what you need.
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"Golf is Not a Game of Perfect"

mental game golf instruction books
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As Dave Pelz is to modern short game instructors, so Dr. Bob Rotella is to the modern mental golf gurus. Rotella is the "golf psychologist" of choice for many touring pros, and recreational golfers buy his books in droves. From Amazon.com: "Through anecdote and aphorism he suggests how ... mental and emotional hazards can be played through, and, regardless of skill level, how teeing off with a more positive and confident outlook will translate into better performance.
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"The Golf Magazine Mental Golf Handbook"

Written by Gary Wiren, one of the top teaching pros, this book is a brief (under 100 pages), straightfoward discussion of the benefits of taking the right mental approach.
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"Golf's Mental Hazards: Overcome Them ..."

The full title is "Golf's Mental Hazards: Overcome Them and Put an End to the Self-Destructive Round." And boy, do so many of us need to put an end to the self-destructive round.
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"Fearless Golf: Conquering the Mental Game"

mental game golf instruction books
Photo courtesy of Pricegrabber
Written by mental coach Dr. Gio Valiante along with veteran golf journalist Mike Stachura. Valiante, along with Rotella and Joseph Parent, has become one of the top "mental game gurus" in golf. Fear is the golfer's greatest enemy, and Valiante sets out to help us overcome our fears on the golf course.
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"The 8 Traits Of Champion Golfers"

The full title is "The 8 Traits Of Champion Golfers: How To Develop The Mental Game Of A Pro." Which pretty much tells you all you need to know about what you'll find in this book. It has a very good reputation among those who've read it.
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"Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game"

mental game golf instruction books
Photo courtesy of Pricegrabber
Well, someone had to bring "Zen" into golf, and Dr. Joseph Parent is the guy to do it with this popular book. The book jacket includes a blurb from Vijay Singh, who claims that he keeps the book in his golf bag. Chapter titles include "How to Enjoy a Bad Round of Golf." If you need to get rid of those negative thoughts, Parent says getting Zen is a way to do it.
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"The Simple Mental Secrets of Golf: How to Make Them Work for You"

Author Stan Luker was a businessman who made up his mind to use his mind on the golf course. The result is this book. "Simple" is the key word. The book is just over 100 pages in length. It's straightforward. And it doesn't rely on psychobabble so much as common sense approaches to golf's mental challenges.
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"Golf: The Art of the Mental Game"

By Joseph Parent with a foreward by Tom Watson, and subtitled, 100 Classic Golf Tips. The Wall Street Journal said of this book, "Offers short, deceptively simple nuggets of wisdom on fear, confidence, visualization, tempo and other topics, each illustrated with lovely historic drawings by Anthony Ravielli."
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