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How to Use a Golf Bag to Work On Swing Plane


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Practice Makes Permanent
Takeaway with 7-iron matches plane of stand bag's incline.

Hank Haney IJGA student's takeaway with 7-iron on a swing plane that matches the incline of a stand bag.

Courtesy of Hank Haney IJGA
"Practice makes perfect" is an age-old adage. At Hank Haney International Junior Golf Academy, we preach "practice makes permanent." One essential tool in making a swing change permanent is visual feedback. It helps to know if you are consistently moving the club correctly.

Hank Haney says swinging the club on the correct plane is imperative to consistent contact and ball flight. One of the best visual aids to work on the swing plane is your golf bag.

Yes, a golf bag. A stand bag, to be exact. On the next two pages you'll view two more photos and read an explanation of how to use a stand bag to work on the swing plane. (next page)

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