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Skyball Impact

A skyball occurs when the clubhead reaches impact too low relative to the teed ball.

Illustration by William Glessner
(Editor's Notes: A skyball occurs when the club slides beneath the ball when teeing off, with the ball caroming off the top of the clubhead and going straight up. The tips below are written by instructor Roger Gunn from the perspective of a right-hander; lefties should reverse the directional elements.)

Diagnosing Skyballs

Not normally a factor.

Stand taller when hitting a driver. Your stance should be wide with the ball toward your left heel. Your shoulders should be parallel to the target line with the back shoulder some five inches lower than the front shoulder.

Ball Position
You could have the ball too far back in the stance.

Your backswing might be too much "up" and not enough "around." The club should be over your right shoulder at the top and not over your head.

Keep your taller posture without leaning toward the ball. It should feel like the clubhead is swinging more level to the ground and not so much up and down.

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