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Types of Golf Grips: Three Best Ways to Hold the Golf Club


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Ten Finger Grip (a k a Baseball Grip)
Ten Finger Grip, also called the Baseball Grip

The Ten Finger Grip is also called the Baseball Grip for golfers.

Photo by Kelly Lamanna
The Ten Finger grip (sometimes called the Baseball Grip) is the least preferred grip among teachers. It does, however, have its advantages. Hall of Fame Member Beth Daniel, PGA Tour members Bob Estes and Dave Barr and Masters champion Art Wall Jr. have all used the Ten Finger grip. Teachers often suggest this grip to beginners as it simplifies early instruction. People who experience joint pain, have arthritis or small, weak hands often benefit by using the Ten Finger grip.

To position your hands properly using a Ten Finger grip, start with a perfect lead hand grip, then place the little finger of the trailing hand close against the index finger of the lead hand. Cover the lead hand thumb with the lifeline of the trailing hand.

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More Info
For in-depth instructions for placing your hands on the golf club to form one of these three grips, see our step-by-steps on:
The Lead Hand Grip
The Trailing Hand Grip

You can also watch a video in which the steps of taking a grip are demonstrated: How to grip the golf club

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