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Types of Golf Grips: Three Best Ways to Hold the Golf Club


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Interlocking Grip
Interlocking Grip

The Interlocking Grip is the second most-common way of holding a golf club among the game's best golfers.

Photo by Kelly Lamanna
The next most common grip is called the Interlock, or Interlocking. This grip is very popular on the LPGA Tour and has been used by many top male players including Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. This grip literally locks the hands together, but the golfer also runs the risk of having the handle stray into the palms of the hands. People with small hands, weak forearms and wrists, and beginners in many cases prefer this style of grip.

To use the Interlock grip, take the little finger on the trailing hand (the trailing hand for right-handed golfers is the right hand) and intertwine it with the index finger on the lead hand. The lead-hand thumb should fit in the lifeline of the trailing hand.

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