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Types of Golf Grips: Three Best Ways to Hold the Golf Club


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Vardon Overlap Grip (a k a Overlapping Grip)
Vardon Overlap Grip

The Vardon Grip is also known as the Overlapping Grip.

Photo by Kelly Lamanna
The Vardon Overlap, sometimes called the Overlapping Grip, is the most common grip among great players. Harry Vardon popularized this grip around the turn of the 20th Century. This grip places the club in the fingers and is the grip most likely to be taught by golf instructors.

To place your hands on the handle using the Vardon Overlap, take the little finger on the trailing hand and place it between the index and middle finger on the lead hand (for right-handed golfers, the lead hand is the left). The lead hand thumb should fit in the lifeline of the trailing hand. (For a fuller description of placing one's hands on the handle, see The Golf Grip: How to Take Hold of the Club.)

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