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Throwing Clubs As a Golf Practice Technique


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Start Changing Your Ball-Bound Thinking
The first step to freedom from the ball ... is to remove the ball! The next step? Throw clubs at the target. That's right, let 'em fly!

To consider such an act of club throwing requires an open mind. Do you think it is possible to feel your natural swing by throwing clubs? Do you think if you could throw a club straight and far that it might reassemble your natural swing? And that swing might possibly be filled with effortless power and be tension free? The freedom you could feel could be enlightening.

The idea of club throwing is not mine. Sixty of my closest friends and I learned this phenomenal experience from Fred Shoemaker, the author, golf instructor and founder of the golf school, Extraordinary Golf. Club-throwing was just a small part of the workshop with Fred, but very empowering. Throwing clubs empowers you to feel and be aware of your movement and tempo. And it's yours. Some people can't put the feeling into words, but after some practice they know their swing and own it.

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