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Belly Putter Fitting


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Take Stance With Your Current Putter
Belly Putter Fitting - start with your conventional putter and a mirror

A do-it-yourself belly putter fitting begins with your conventional putter and a mirror.

© Michael Lamanna; used with permission
(Note: This article demonstrates how to fit yourself for a belly putter that is anchored into your body. But "anchoring" of clubs will become "illegal" under the Rules of Golf as of Jan. 1, 2016, under Rule 14-1b - Ban on Anchoring. Until that time, anchoring remains legal; after that date, it will be banned in all rounds played under the Rules of Golf, although belly-length putters themselves will still be legal.)

To effectively use the belly putter you must select one that is fitted to your physique. It must have the correct length and lie angle to allow you to take a comfortable stance and get your eyes just over the inside edge of the ball. Below and on the following pages are some simple steps for fitting yourself for a belly putter.

What You'll Need
For this do-it-yourself belly putter fitting, you'll need the help of a friend, plus a small mirror, your current putter, a ruler and a protractor or goniometer.

What To Do
1. Lay a mirror on the ground and use its center to represent the ball.

2. Measure the length of your current putter (mine is 33 inches).

3. Holding your putter and the ruler, bend your elbows slightly, and set them against either side of your rib cage (left photo above).

4. Bow forward from the hips and take a comfortable putting stance with your knees slightly flexed and your forearms in line with the putter shaft (right photo above). When you are in the correct posture, your hands should hang under your shoulders.

5. Maintain your posture and adjust distance from the mirror so your eyes appear in the middle.

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