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Ball Flight Tip Sheets


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Fade Trajectory - Ball Flight

The fade ball flight from the perspective of a right-handed golfer.

Illustration by William Glessner
(Editor's Notes: With a fade, the ball curves gently from left-to-right (for right-handers), moving toward the target after starting out left of the target line. The fade is a great shot to be able to play on command in order to better attack a pin or fairway, or to get around hazards. The tips below are written by instructor Roger Gunn, from the perspective of a right-hander; lefties should reverse the directional elements.)

Playing a Fade

There are two good ways to play a fade:

First Method
1. Set up with the clubface aimed at the target.
2. Align your body, including your feet and shoulders, slightly left of the target (be sure to keep the clubface aimed at the target). This will create a slightly glancing blow, putting a clockwise spin on the ball.
3. Make a normal swing along your body-line with no effort to alter your swing.

Second Method
1. Set up with your feet, shoulders and clubface all aimed left of your target.
2. Take your swing. Through impact, get the slightest feeling of holding the clubface "off," keeping it slightly open through the hit. Look for a slight turn of the ball left to right.

Video: Three ways to hit a fade

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