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Clubfitting Worth It? Yes: Improper Equipment May Be Impeding Your Success
From Brent Morrison
Brent Morrison Golf Academy

Using equipment that is fitted for your body type will make it possible to ensure you are loading the backswing properly, which is a good reason to seek out a clubfitting.

In the example below, this player was using clubs that are a standard lie and length off the shelf.

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In his golf swing he was taking big divots (fat shots) with a tendency to hit pull hooks (shots that travel left). This was caused by his arms lifting the club up in too steep of an angle in the backswing.

Before - Using Ill-Fitting Clubs
Tendency: Hands taking the club away to the inside, causing the arms to lift the club up into the backswing on too steep of an angle.

clubfitting - bad fit clubfitting - bad fit example 2
clubfitting - bad fit example 3 clubfitting - bad fit example 4

In order to correct this, he must rotate his body correctly in the takeaway - resulting in a flatter swing plane. Using the standard club as he was would make this virtually impossible without getting the club stuck behind his body (an undesirably flat swing plane).

In the "after" sequence below, after undergoing a clubfitting, he is using a club that is suited for him (6 degrees upright and 1 inch over length, in this example).

After - Using Clubs Fitted to Body Type
Correction: With properly fitting club, shoulders are rotating the club away in front of the body, enabling the club to be loaded on plane at the top of the swing. Better posture is a result.

clubfitting - good results clubfitting - good results 2
clubfitting - good results 3 clubfitting - good results 4

And the moral of this story is that using clubs fitted to your body type and swing can improve your golf game!

Brent Morrison is a Canadian PGA Class A Professional who was recognized as both Canada's and British Columbia's PGA Teacher of the Year in 1998. He has twice been selected for Golf Magazine's exclusive list of the Top Golf Instructors in North America (2001/2002 & 2002/2003). Brent teaches at The Brent Morrison Golf Academy is located in Courtenay, B.C., on Vancouver Island. Brent can be contacted through the Brent Morrison Golf Academy Web site.

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