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Putting Tips

Golf Putting Tips to Help You Make More Putts


Putting tips

Who doesn't need a little help with putting? No matter how good you roll that ball on the green, we all wish we made more putts.

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Click on headlines below to read putting tips from About.com, from golf instructors - and even from fellow golfers. Here's one tip that is probably more important than all the rest: Simply spend more time practicing your putting.

What's the Best Putting Tip You've Ever Gotten?
All golfers hear lots of putting tips, sometimes even when we don't want to (we all have that guy in our group, right?). And every now and then we even hear a great tip, one that actually works for us. So what's the best putting tip you've ever received - the one tip that helped you the most on the greens? Tell us what it is, and you can read responses from other golfers, too.

Putting Tips

How to use a belly putter
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Video: Belly putter basics

"Hit and Hold" to improve putting

Circle putting drills for confidence, fundamentals

Drills: Make many short, straight practice putts to build confidence

Distance control putting drills

Marty Fleckman's putting technique

Video: Add ryhthm to improve putting stroke

Why pro golfers sometimes putt without looking at the ball
Related: Eyes-closed putting drill to develop feel
Related: Use "putts to nowhere" in your practice routine

Video: The crosshanded putting grip and method

Video: The claw grip for putting

Drill: Use 'big muscles' in putting to create more consistent stroke

Exercises to making putting practice less painful

Video: Tips for practicing your short game

• Quick Tip: What Stockton told Sorenstam

Lag putting drill teaches distance control
Putt into "square" to practice lag putting

Video: 3 Great Putting Drills

Experiment with "push-pull line" to gain comfort over breaking putts

Drill teaches maximum break/minimum speed approach on greens

How to develop a good putting stroke

Chi Chi Rodriguez: Practicing lag putts

Quick tips for reading greens
Video: Basics of reading break on greens

Improve your practice to improve putting

How to become better at reading greens

Comparing conventional, belly and long putters
See also: Do-it-yourself putter fitting

Homemade training aid can give you the feel of a belly putter stroke

Best Books on Putting Tips
Plenty of golf instructors have writting books about the art and science of putting. Which of those books are the best? Here are our picks for the best putting instruction books.
See also: Top putting/short game DVDs

Pros: Submit Your Putting Tips
If you are a golf professional and would like to share your putting tips with About.com readers, we'd love to hear from you. Submit a tip here

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