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Golf Tips: Drivers and Irons

Tips for the Full Swing, or Long Game


Male golfer preparing to hit tee shot
Thomas Barwick/Iconica/Getty Images

Do you need help with your driver or irons? Here are some full swing golf tips that might help you improve your play in the long game.

Note: A bold-faced "A" preceeding a title indicates that tip is an audio tip. And be sure to check out our full Golf Tips section.

Video: Driver fundamentals - hitting long, straight drives

Ball Flight Tip Sheets

Mis-hit Tip Sheets

Diagnosing and Fixing a Hook
Video: How to correct a hook

Diagnosing and Fixing a Slice
To fix a slice, learn how to hook
Video: How to correct a slice

Video: Sources of power in the swing

Boost 'smash factor' with these distance-enhancing moves

Choke up, shorten backswing to regain feel with irons

Clubhead lag: what it is and how to improve yours

Video: Causes of a push shot
Video: Causes of a pull shot

Video: Three ways to hit a draw

Drill: How to use a golf bag and 7-iron to work on swing plane

Drill for learning to fade and draw the ball

Keep your head still? Drill to create stable, centered swing from address until impact

Fighting the shanks? Improve your set-up position

• Quick Tip: Close your eyes on some practice swings

• Quick Tip: Work on proper impact position with one-handed pitch shots

How to hit a punch shot

Quick Tip: Keep your chin up for a full turn

How to hit out of a divot

Video: How to play golf in the rain
Video: How to play golf in the wind

How to hit driver off the fairway

Four keys to hitting a 460cc driver

More power for recreational golfers relies on swing mechanics, golf strength and equipment

How to make club-throwing a part of your practice

(A) Play safe or go for the pin? A prescription for course management

(A) What we can learn from Ben Hogan's "No Hands" takeaway

(A) Make your pre-shot routine a good one by incorporating these ideas

Low trajectory? Focus on impact position

Improve your fundamentals by using a mirror

(A) Warming up fast when you arrive just prior to your tee time

How a longer backswing might be causing your shorter shots

The "Hitman Drill" for hip turn

Explaining the concept of hitting down to make the ball go up

Tee it high to hit it farther

Balance and rhythm in the golf swing

Drills to improve your balance and rhythm

Try this wrist exercise to improve distance, accuracy

Chi Chi Rodriguez: Practicing recovery shots out of deep trouble

Chi Chi Rodriguez: A golf game to improve your fairways percentage

The proper setup position

Fighting the slice, the block and the open clubface

Go "up the hill" to groove inside-out swing path

Dispelling some distance myths

How to use a quarter to improve balance, swing plane

Develop a pre-shot routine to help alignment

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