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Roger Gunn Audio Golf Tips

Listen to Free Tips from a Top Teaching Pro


Roger Gunn Audio Tips on About.com Golf

Roger Gunn has won professional events and instructed touring pros.


On the pages linked below, you'll find audio files featuring golf instruction from noted teaching professional Roger Gunn. These are in the form of .mp3 files, which can be be played on recent versions of Windows Media, RealMedia and QuickTime media players, and most other media players.

Ready to listen? Choose a topic to get started:

Golf Posture: Posture is important in golf, but that doesn't mean standing up straight.
Takeaway Tip from Ben Hogan: Roger talks about Hogan's "no hands" takeaway, which starts with a tiny weight shift to the right and a shoulder turn.
Course Management: Play it safe, or go for the pin? Here's a prescription for developing course management skills.
Pre-Shot Routine: What are the factors that go into a successful pre-shot routine? And what makes the pre-shot routine so important?
Warming Up Fast: The best way to get loose when you arrive at the course just minutes before your tee time.

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