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Golf Mental Game Tips

Tips for Your Mental Game


Mental golf or golf psychology - doesn't matter what your preferred term is, either way it's the mental game within our game. And that golf mental game is an important aspect of the sport. We all know that confidence and commitment can play positive roles in our outcomes on the golf course, or have negative impacts when they are lacking.

Below are articles and tips relating to the golf mental game. Check them out and learn how to take a more positive approach to the game.

'Analysis paralysis' confirmed in study of golfers

Change your outlook to start re-programming your mental game

Simple is always best

A 'golf performance cycle' can create a mindset of improvement

Golf psychology: Don't let your on-course comfort zone prevent you from going low

Scientific study shows you can be tricked into putting better

Focus on 'process goals' rather than 'outcome goals'

Best Books on the Golf Mental Game
There are a lot of golf instructional books out there that claim they can help you master the mental game. Which ones are worth your time? We've compiled a short list of mental golf books that are considered the top reads on the subject.

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