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Learning to Golf

Are you interested in learning to golf? Below are sections of and articles on About.com that can provide tips and guidance, including online lessons and articles, as well as tips about taking lessons and recommendations on the best instructional DVDs.
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Correct Grip Pressure: How Tight Should You Hold the Club?
How tight should you hold the golf club? Using the correct grip pressure can help you hit better golf shots. Here is how tightly to hold the grip.

Golf Instruction Videos
Need help with your game? These free golf instruction videos are available exclusively from About.com and feature Michael Lamanna, director of instruction at The Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, Ariz.
See also: More golf video how-to's and beginner clips

Golf Basics and Fundamentals
Read these free golf tips that focus on the basics, including such fundamentals as alignment, posture, balance and how to grip the golf clubs.

Golf Lessons: Considerations, Advice and Free Tips
Read advice and recommendations about taking golf lessons, along with free online tips for golfers. You'll also find advice about the best instructional books and DVDs, how to interview a golf pro, and more.

Full Swing Tips for Drivers and Irons
Need help with your driver or iron play? Check out these free tips for the full swing to find help with drivers and irons.

Putting Tips
Almost every golfer needs to make more putts. Improving your putting is the quickest way to lower scores.

Golf Wedge Tips: Chipping, Pitching and Sand Shots
Shape up your play with wedges with these free tips on chipping, pitching and sand shots.

Introduction to the Rules of Golf
This article provides a condensed version of the Rules of Golf, in plain English. Not a substitute for knowing the full rules, but a good instroduction that covers the key points.

Golf Beginners FAQ
If you're a beginner then you have plenty of questions about the game, not just learning to play it but about customs and policies. Many of those beginner questions are addressed here.

Best Golf Instruction Books for Beginners
Here are our recommendations for some of the best golf instruction books for beginners. If you're just starting the game and want to have a handy reference that you can hold in your hands, these are for you.

Best General Golf Instruction Books
The instructional books recommended here are not necessarily aimed at beginners, but they do cover the full scope of the game and can serve as a kind of textbook for learning to golf.

Best Golf Instructional DVDs
If you're more a visual type, and prefer learning golf by watching techniques demonstrated rather than viewing photos and reading text, then here are some recommendations for you.

Best Golf Instruction Books for Women
These golf instructional books are targeted at women seeking to learn to golf.

"Analysis Paralysis" in Golfers Confirmed by Study
A study by St. Andrews University and American scientists confirms analysis paralysis in golfers - thinking too much about how your swing works can make your swing work less well.

Exercises to Make Putting Practice Less Painful
Putting practice can lead to a golfer having a sore back, sore neck, sore hips. All that bending over. But you can easily combat the aches associated with the practice green with these three simple exercises.

Eyes Wide Shut: Why Pro Golfers Sometimes Putt Without Looking at the Ball

Golf Mental Game Tips
Need some help on the mental side of the game? Here are some tips that focus on golf pyschology

Best Chipping/Pitching Tips Shared by Golfers
What is the best chipping or pitching tip you've ever gotten? Share it with other golfers here - and read advice that other golfers say has helped them the most on short-game shots around the green.

Best Bunker Tip: Golfers Share Most Helpful Advice They've Received
What is the best bunker tip you've ever gotten? Share it with other golfers here - and read advice that other golfers say has helped them the most when playing out of sand.

Best Putting Tips - Golfers Share Most Helpful Advice They've Received
What is the best putting tip you've ever gotten? Share it with other golfers here - and read advice that other golfers say has helped them the most on the greens.

Golf Pros: Submit Your Tips
If you are a golf teaching professional and would like to submit a tip for publication on About.com, see our Tips from the Pros section. Choose the most appropriate category for your tip and send it in via the submission form. We'll publish your article on About.com.

Mental Game
The mental game can play a large role in the success or failure of golfers. Here are tips from mental game coaches for golfers.See submissions

Belly Putter Fitting
This do-it-yourself guide to belly putter fitting shows golfers how to determine what length and lie angle they need when switching from a conventional putter to a belly putter.

Review: 'The Timeline Swing' by Tom Watson with Nick Seitz
The Tom Watson instructional book 'The Timeline Swing' is reviewed by About.com Golf. Watson's swing is certainly timeless, but is his book?

Belly Putter Technique: How to Use a Belly Putter
If you'd like to experiment with a belly putter, learn the basics of using this tool by checking out the belly putter technique.

How to Hit Driver from the Fairway
Your golf ball is in the fairway but you have a long way to go to reach the green. Want to hit driver off the deck? It's a tough shot to pull off, but here's the technique for hitting driver off the ground.

Butch Harmon About Golf 2-Disc Instructional DVD
This reviewer goes over the pros and cons of the Butch Harmon About Golf 2-Disc Instructional DVD.

How to Hit Sidehill Bunker Shots
The golf ball is in a bunker, but on the side of a slope - you have a sidehill lie in the sand. And the ball is above your feet. What adjustments do you need to make?

How to Hit a Punch Shot
A punch shot can help a golfer keep the ball flight low and out of the wind, or get it below overhanging tree branches. How do you hit a punch shot? Here's the technique.

How to Use a Golf Bag to Work On Swing Plane

Make Lots of Short, Straight Putts In a Row to Build Confidence
One way to build confidence on the putting green, while working on fundamentals, is to make a lot of short putts in a row. These putting drills force you to do just that, and if you miss you have to start over.

Point of Entry Drill for Sand Shots
A correct point of entry by the club into the sand is one of the keys to good bunker shots. This Point of Entry Drill will help golfers improve their sand shots.

What are the effects of using the wrong shaft flex in my clubs?
What happens when you use golf clubs with the wrong shaft flex? Here are some of the effects.

Diagnosing and Fixing a Slice
Here are tips for diagnosing the cause of your slice on the golf course, and fixing the problem so you can stop slicing.

Low Trajectory? Focus on Impact Position
If you are struggling getting your irons up in the air, these checkpoints will help you address the problem.

6 Steps to a Full Golf Warm Up Routine
Warming up for your round of golf is an essential part of playing a good round of golf. Here are six steps toward a full, great warm-up routine.

Quick Tip: Quality Over Quantity During Practice
To get the most benefit out of your driving range practice time, you need to focus on quality over quantity. Doing so will help your golf scores.

Quick Tip: What Stockton Told Sorenstam that Improved Her Putting
A deceptively simple piece of advice from Dave Stockton helped Annika Sorenstam become a great putter. Here's what Stockton told Sorenstam.

Study: Brainwash Yourself Into Better Putting
A clever scientific study confirmed what golfers have long known: Confidence plays a huge role in putting. The study showed you can brainwash yourself into making more putts.

Quick Tip: One-Handed Pitch Shots
Here's a quick tip that can help golfers improve impact position with a one-handed pitching drill.

Achieve Consistent Distances on Pitch Shots with 7-8-9 Drill
The 7-8-9 golf drill is for pitch shots, and will help you learn your pitching distances and establish consistent results.

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