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Umbrella Game


Definition: "Umbrella," a k a the "umbrella game," is a golf game or side bet for teams of two within a group of four. Side 1 and Side 2 (two players per side) may be involved in another type of format or tournament (playing Four Ball, for example), with an Umbrella game running concurrently as a side bet; or the umbrella game might be the only game being played.

Here's how it works: Points are awarded for one of five accomplishments on each hole. If one side sweeps all five points, they score the "umbrella" and the points are doubled.

The catch is that the number of points available for each individual feat matches the number of the hole being played, so many more points are available later in the round than earlier.

For example, on the first hole one point per accomplishment is up for grabs:

  • 1 point for low individual score among the four golfers
  • 1 point for your side having the low 2-ball total
  • 1 point if you hit the green in regulation
  • 1 point if your partner hits the green in regulation
  • 1 point if either you or your partner scores a birdie

So on the first hole, each accomplishment is worth 1 points; 5 points total are available; if one side scores an "umbrella," the points double to 10.

On the 10th hole, however, the points look like this:

  • 10 points for low individual score of the foursome
  • 10 points for your side having the low 2-ball total
  • 10 points if you hit the green in regulation
  • 10 points if your partner hits the green in regulation
  • 10 points if either scores a birdie
Each accomplishment matches the hole number (in this case, 10 points because you're on the 10th hole); there are 50 points available in this example, so if one side scores an umbrella, the points double to 100.
"Who are we grouped with on Sunday? Let's see if they want to set up an umbrella game."
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