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T and F


Definition: The "T" and "F" in a T and F tournament refers to the first letter of the holes on the course (e.g., Three, Four, etc.). In a T and F tournament, those holes hold special significance.

A T and F tournament can be played using just about any scoring format (scramble, best ball, individual stroke, etc.). There are two ways the format is played most commonly:

    1. With teams of three or more, or in individual competition, a T and F tournament counts only scores recorded on holes beginning with "t" or "f." There are nine of those holes, four on the front nine, five on the back nine.

    2. With 2-person teams, one person's scores are used on the "t" and "f" holes, the other partner's scores are used on the remaining nine holes. This format forces both players to contribute nine holes each to the team's 18-hole score.

In version two, it might be announced ahead of time by tournament organizers which golfer gets the "t" and "f" holes; it may be left up to the partners to decide; or it might be announced only upon completion of play.

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