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Pin Placement


Definition: The term "pin placement" refers to the location of the hole on the putting green.

Pin is a synonym of flagstick, and the flagstick marks the location of the cup. So when golfers talk about pin placement, what we're really talking about is where on the putting green the hole is located.

Is the pin placement to the front, center or back of the green? Is it on the left or right side? Is it on the upper section of a two-tiered green, or the lower section?

Knowing the pin placement helps the golfer decide what to do on his approach shot. A pin placement on the back of a green, for example, might require more club (a longer shot) than a pin placement on the front part of a putting green.

Some golf courses provide golfers with pin sheets that illustrate the pin placement on each green that day.

Also Known As: Hole location
The pin placement on this hole is in the back-left portion of the green.
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