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Nine Points


Definition: Nine Points is the name of golf format used by a group of three golfers, in which nine points are at stake on each hole. (If playing for money, points are assigned a monetary value.)

The game known as English is a 3-person game that awards six points per hole. Nine Points is exactly the same as English, except that nine points are at stake.

On each hole, the nine points are awarded thusly:

  • Player with the best score of the group gets 5 points
  • Player with the middle score gets 3 points
  • Player with the high score gets 1 point

Of course, on many holes there will be ties for low score or high score. What then? This:

  • If one player has the low score and other two players tie, the low scorer earns 5 points and the other two get 2 points each
  • If two players tie for low score, those two get 4 points each and the high scorer gets 1 point
  • If all three players tie on a hole, they split the nine points equally - 3 points each

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Alternate Spellings: 9 Points
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