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Definition: "MAP" is an acronym for "minimum advertised price" and is a term you'll find on some golf equipment manufacturer's websites, in their news releases about new equipment, and in some articles on About.com Golf about new golf equipment in the marketplace.

Some manufacturers cite MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price) in those places; others prefer to cite MAP.

Manufacturers are not allowed to require retailers to price products at a set amount. So many manufacturers give retailers a suggested price (MSRP) along with a minimum advertised price (MAP). The MAP is not a minimum price for the product, however; the retailer can still price an item lower than the MAP. The retailer just can't publicly advertise any price lower than the MAP.

Also note that some companies use only one price figure for their new products and might call it either MSRP or MAP, so sometimes a manufacturer's suggested price and minimum advertised price can be identical. Typically, however, the MAP is lower than the MSRP.

Compare MAP to MSRP and street price.

The MAP for that driver is $299.
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