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Low Ball-High Ball


Definition: Low Ball-High Ball is a golf game for groups of four playing against one another on 2-person teams. The two teams compare their respective lows balls, and their respective high balls, and earn 1 point each for the better low and high balls.

Here's how it works:

On Hole 1, for example, the players for Team A score 4 and 6; while the players for Team B score 5 and 5. What are the low balls for each side? Four (Team A's low ball) and five (Team B's low ball). Four is the better of the two low balls, so Team A earns a point. What are the high balls for each side? Six (Team A's high ball) and five (Team B's high ball). Five is the better of the two high balls, so Team B earns a point.

Do that on each hole, and at the end of the round the team that has the most points wins the bet from the team that has the fewest points. The bet can be worth a set, predetermined amount; or each point can be given a monetary value.

In the case of a tie - both side's low ball is 4, for example - the point can go unawarded, or the point can carry over to the next hole, making the next hole more valuable. That procedure is up to the golfers playing to decide upon.

A variation that can increase the reward for a great hole is to double the points for any winning score under par. So winning a par-4 hole by scoring 3 would award 2 points rather than 1.

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Common Misspellings: Lo Ball-Hi Ball
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