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Definition: A "flight" is a term for a division of golfers within a golf tournament. Each "flight," or division, consists of golfers of roughly similar skills (determined by handicaps). The flights are named to indicate that skill level; for example, the best golfers in the tournament are grouped in the Championship Flight; the next-best, in the First Flight, and so on.

Flights are used in gross stroke-play tournaments so that golfers of similar skill levels are able to compete against one another for victory within their flight. A 15-handicapper, after all, will never win a gross tournament in which 2-handicappers are also playing. So the 2-handicappers play against one another in the Championship Flight, while the 15-handicappers are grouped in a different flight.

Often, a gross stroke-play tournament will flight its players and recognize champions within each flight, then also crown one overall net winner.

"Dan won the stroke-play title in the second flight of the men's golf association tournament."
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