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Dots (or Dot Game)


Definition: Dots is a popular golf game played by members of the same grouping. It is essentially a collection of side bets - the specifics of which are entirely up to the group - that can be played concurrently with just about any type of scoring format in which all members of the group are playing their own ball; or by sides in a 2-on-2 team format.

The name "dots" or "dot game" derives from the fact that golfers mark their scorecards with dots to denote having won one of the side bets on any given hole. At the end of the round, each player counts up his dots - each of which is worth a set amount - and the players settle up.

So, what side bets are involved in dots? As stated above, that's entirely up to the members of the group. But among the most popular dots bets are greens in regulation, closest to the pin, scoring par or better on a hole, long drive, sandies, Arnies (a k a Seves) and 1-putts.

On each hole, a golfer achieving one of the agreed-upon "dots" marks a dot on his scorecard, in the same box where he writes his score for that hole.

There are a seemingly endless variety of ways to play dots, and many groups add in double points, triple points and more for more elaborate bets (e.g., making a birdie one hole after you hit a par-5 green in two might earn you triple dots). Again, the variations are up to the members of the group.

This type of game goes by several other names, too, the most common of which is Garbage.

Also Known As: Dot game, game of dots, Garbage, Junk, Trash
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