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Broomstick Putter


Definition: "Broomstick putter" is another name for the long putter, those putters that are typically around 50 inches in length and that - in their original usage - were anchored to the golfer's sternum, chest or chin during the putting stroke.

That anchoring serves as a fulcrum point, allowing the golfer to use his lower hand on the broomstick putter's grip to initiate a pendulum putting stroke.

The broomstick putter removes wrist action from the putting stroke, which makes it worth trying for golfers who struggle with the yips. It also allows a more upright putting stance, so golfers who suffer from back problems might try the broomstick putter.

Note: On May 21, 2013, golf's governing bodies announced a pending rule change. As of Jan. 1, 2016, anchoring a club against one's body will be "illegal" under the rules. Broomstick putters themselves will remain "legal" and golfers can continue to use them so long as both hands are away from the body (meaning, no anchoring).

See long putter for more.

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Also Known As: Long putter, broom handle putter
"I switched to a broomstick putter because I had the yips so bad with my old putter."
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