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Devil Ball


Definition: While there might be slight variations from game to game, Devil Ball is usually just another name for Money Ball, Lone Ranger, Yellow Ball, Pink Ball or Pink Lady. They all mean basically the same thing, and there are even more names for this format than those just listed.

The basics are this: In Devil Ball, groups of four tee off in a competition. On each hole, two scores are combined to create one team score. One of those scores is from the person playing the so-called "devil ball." So when it's your turn to play the Devil Ball, the onus is on you to come through for the team because your score is going to count.

The second score used is usually the low ball of the other three players on the team (however, the other three players might be required to play a scramble or best ball or any other format to produce the second score).

The two scores are added together for the team score. Before teeing off in Devil Ball, players are designated A, B, C and D, and the devil ball rotates among players throughout the round (A on the first hole, B on the second, and so on).

See the Money Ball definition for a few more variations.

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Also Known As: Money Ball, Lone Ranger, Pink Ball, Yellow Ball, Pink Lady
"The men's golf association is playing a Devil Ball tournament on Saturday."

"Bill has the Devil Ball on this hole, so the other members of his team are counting on him to produce a good score."

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