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Cross Bunker

Definition of the golf course term


Cross bunker at Bethpage Black

This massive cross bunker is on the fourth hole at Bethpage Black.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images
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  • Put most simply, a "cross bunker" is a bunker on a golf hole that is positioned so that a golfer must cross it on the normal line of play for that hole.

    Cross bunkers can be entirely in the fairway, entirely in the rough, or partially in the rough and jutting into the fairway. They are typically (but not always) wider than they are deep and aligned roughly perpendicular to the fairway.

    But cross bunkers can have a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They key concepts are that they are perpendicular to the line of play, and placed in a position that you may be forced to hit over them to advance your ball up the fairway or toward the green.

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