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Definition: A bramble tournament starts off just like a scramble: the members of each team (usually four players per team) tee off, and the best drive is selected. The other three team members move their golf balls to the spot of the best drive, and all four team members play their second strokes from that location. In a scramble, this process continues until the ball is holed, producing one team score.

However, in a bramble, after the best drive is selected, all players play from that spot but then continue playing their own ball, stroke-play style, until each has holed out, producing four individual scores.

The bramble tournament also goes by the name of "shamble."

If each team member records his or her individual score on every hole, then what counts as the team score? Bramble scoring methods can vary. The team bramble score can be the one low ball of the group, the two low balls, or some other variation depending on the tournament director's instructions.

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Also Known As: Shamble
"The Men's Golf Association is staging a Bramble tournament on Saturday, 4-person teams."
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