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Definition: An "Am-Am" tournament is one in which two amateurs are paired - "amateur-amateur," get it? Or, as we once saw an am-am described on the Web site of a tournament organizer: "You've heard of a pro-am, right? Well, we ain't got no pros."

When a tournament is labeled as an am-am, it might imply one of the following:

• That golfers who sign up to play in the tournament will be paired with a so-called celebrity (as opposed to a professional golfer);
• Or that the tournament is a big-time amateur event in which low-handicappers are competeting.

It doesn't have to imply either one of those things, of course. A designation of "am-am" often just means that if you sign up to play, you'll be paired with another amateur such as yourself on a 2-person team.

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Also Known As: Amateur-Amateur
Alternate Spellings: Am Am (no hyphen)
"I'm playing the am-am tournament on Saturday, hope I get a good partner."
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