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Golf Glossary

Advanced and Basic Golf Terms and their Meanings


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Welcome to the Golf Glossary. Here you'll find common (and some uncommon) golf terms and their definitions.

Golf Glossary - Choose Letter

If you are looking for the definition of a specific term, click on the link that includes the first letter of the golf term you are searching for:

# through C
D through H
I through R
S through Z

Golf Glossary Categories

Another way to utilize this Golf Glossary is to browse several categories of similar or related golf terms. Click into one of the following categories to browse:

Golf Equipment Terms
This glossary category gathers terms relating to golf equipment, such as bounce angle, cavity back, forgiveness, launch angle, toe-balanced and many more.

Golf Tournament Formats and Betting Games
Do you know your scramble from a shamble? What is Bingo, Bango Bongo? Or best ball, Chapman System, money ball or Peoria System? This section of the Golf Glossary provides explanations of popular golf tournament formats along with betting games or side games that groups of golfers often play.

Golf Course Terms
On this page you'll find terms related to golf courses - features of courses (architectural terms), definitions related to golf course setup and maintenance.

Golf Handicap Terms
These definitions are of terms used in the USGA Handicapping System.

Official Definitions from the Rules of Golf
This golf glossary category includes official definitions that appear in the Rules of Golf, from the USGA/R&A.

Golf Slang
This is a fun category, with definitions of golf slang terms and expressions. Do you know your chicken stick from a foot wedge? How about Army golf or banana ball?

Once again, you can also go directly to a page that includes an alphabetized listing of golf glossary terms, in order to find a specific word:
# through C | D through H | I through R | S through Z

Note: The Golf Glossary is a work in progress. If you do not find the term you are looking for, drop us a line and we'll work on getting it added to our golf glossary.

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