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Golf Organizations - Governing Bodies of Golf

Learn about golf's governing bodies. Check here for information on golf organizations, from worldwide to national to regional.

Australian Golf Union
This golf organization is the governing body of golf in Australia. Its Web site lists news, regional associations within Austrialia, tournament info, rules info, plus equipment and handicapping services.

British & International Golf Greenskeepers Association
The golf organization, with more than 7,000 members worldwide, serves the professional development of its members while striving to provide educational services to the general public about greenskeeping and turfgrass management.

Canadian PGA
This golf organization's site offers a news center, tournament information and the lesson tee, regular features from CPGA pros who offer tips on various aspects of the game.

English Golf Union
If you're an amateur golfer in England, this is the golf organization for you. The EGU oversees amateur golfing in England, setting policy and looking after around 700,000 amateur club members.

Golf Course Superintendents Association of America
The GCSAA is a golf organization comprised of those who make sure the grass is always greener on the golf course. Check out recent news, explore turfgrass management issues or find out how whose in charge at tournament sites.

Keepers of the Game
This golf organization aims to make sure what it calls golf's core values - among them honor, honesty, self-reliance and etiquette - are always with the game and its players.

Long Drivers of America
This golf organization governs those guys - and gals - who hit the ball longer than most of us have ever dreamed of hitting it. Get news on recent long drive competitions, shop for gear and learn about the reigning long-drive champs.

National Golf Foundation
The National Golf Foundation is a membership organization that studies the business of golf. Various publications are for sale, and much of the site is password protected, but there are public areas worth exploring.

PGA of America
On the Professional Golfers Association of America Web site, you can browse tournament information, find a teaching professional, check ticket availability, read about travel and much more.

Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews
Along with the USGA, the Royal & Ancient - or R&A - sets policy for golfers around the globe. It's also the governing body for golf in Great Britain. Explore the Rules section or check out other good stuff.

Royal Canadian Golf Association
This is the governing body of men's amateur olf in Canada. Sections include a rule of the day and golf trivia, along with the latest tournament news and information on amateur status.

United States Golf Association
The USGA is the governing body of golf in the U.S. and, along with the Royal & Ancient Club of St. Andrews, sets the rules for the world's golfers. Find out about USGA championships, rules, handicapping, equipment and more.

Women in the Golf Industry
An organization dedicated to encouraging a woman's voice in the golf industry and providing information and support to members.

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