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Cobra Golf


Cobra Golf

A coiled snake wearing a crown - the "King Cobra" - is part of the Cobra Golf logo.

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About Cobra Golf:

Cobra Golf is a division of Puma, which acquired Cobra from the Acushnet Company in 2010.

Cobra Golf was founded in 1973 by an Australian named Thomas Crow. Crow, a former amateur champion in his home country, had worked for the Australian company Precision Golf. But tinkering with his own designs, he resettled to San Diego, Calif., and founded Cobra Golf.

The company's first major product debuted in 1975, and it's a club Cobra Golf still makes today (albeit in a very different form): The Baffler. The original Baffler was a 23-degree, persimmon 7-wood, marketed as a utility club and generally considered the progenitor of today's hybrids.

Under Crow's guidance, Cobra Golf continued to innovate in ensuing years, introducing an extended-length driver (46 inches) in 1979 designed to bring more speed and distance to recreational golfers.

Over the years, Cobra became a name associated with game-improvement clubs on the basis of other innovations: In 1985, Cobra Golf became the first U.S. manufacturer to offer graphite shafts as stock options in woods and irons; in 1992, Cobra became the first major company to offer a full set of oversized irons.

Other Cobra innovations include developing the autoclaving manufacturing process that allowed for strengthening of graphite shafts; and in 2000, developing the Airweight shaft, the first graphite shaft of less than 50 grams in weight.

In 1991, Greg Norman came on board as an endorser of Cobra, in exchange for partial ownership of the company. Working with Crow, Norman helped design Cobra Golf's first set of forged irons. Norman later became the full owner of Cobra's Australian distributorship.

Cobra Golf was acquired by the Acushnet Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fortune Brands, Inc., in 1996. From that time through early 2010 - until the sale to Puma - Cobra Golf was a stablemate of Titleist and FootJoy in the Acushnet family.

Cobra Golf Web Site:

Cobra Golf Contact Info:

To contact Cobra customer service in the United States, call toll free (800) 917-3300; in the UK, dial 01372 364933; in Canada, (866) 688-6468; and in Australia, (800) 811-511.
Mailing Address
Cobra is headquartered in California:

Cobra Puma Golf
1818 Aston Avenue
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Other phone numbers, as well as regional mailing addresses, can be found by visiting the Cobra Golf Web site for the region in which you live. Go to CobraGolf.com and look for the "Cobra International" link across the bottom of the page.

News/Reviews of Cobra Golf Equipment:

These links are to articles about Cobra Golf on About.com Golf, including news about club releases and reviews of Cobra Golf equipment. (Articles are added to the top of the list as new Cobra club news/reviews become available.)

Reader Reviews: Add your own ratings of Cobra Golf clubs, and read reviews submitted by other golfers. Cobra reviews

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