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Golf Manufacturers

Need information about golf clubs and equipment? Find the companies that make the equipment that fills up your golf bag.

Adams Golf
First gained notice with the "Tight Lies" line; now makes full array of clubs. Adams is owned by TaylorMade.

Bettinardi Golf
Bob Bettinardi is one of the master craftsmen of putter design. His company offers a high-end array of putters.

Bobby Jones Golf
Premium equipment including drivers, fairway woods and hybrids.

Bridgestone Golf
Bridgestone offers balls and clubs, plus accessories, and is also the parent company of Precept.

Callaway Golf
From the introduction of the Big Bertha line, Callaway has been a leader in golf club production and sales. They also own the Odyssey line of putters.

Cleveland Golf
This company profile of Cleveland Golf includes a history, contact info, plus news about and reviews of the company's golf clubs.

Cobra Golf
Cobra is known for its game-improvement woods, hybrids and irons but also making clubs aimed at low-handicappers. It was once a sister brand to Titleist but is now owned by Puma.

Dogleg Right
A company that now specializes in putters.

Feel Golf
Feel is best known for its wedges.

Gauge Design
Gauge Design makes putters that is says are the most-precise milled putters around. It combines modern technology with throwback designs.

Henry-Griffitts clubs are available only through custom-fitting with a company-certified teaching pro. The website runs down the company's products and locations of certified clubfitters.

Honma Golf
Japanese company noted for its high-end irons and played by many players in Asia. This link is to the company's English-language site.

Infiniti Golf
Infiniti is a maker of clubs and components known for its commitment to clubfitting.

Kasco Golf
Full-line manufacturer marketing mostly in Asian countries.

KZG makes a full line of golf clubs and accessories, including drivers that utilize maraging technology and forged irons.

Louisville Golf
Louisville Golf is one of the rare companies remaining that still produces persimmon drivers and fairway woods. Also offers forged irons and putters.

Long one of the major players in equipment, now a brand owned by Golfsmith but still producing a full line of equipment.

The Maxfli brand, used primarily on golf balls, is now owned by the retailer Dick's Sporting Goods.

Miura Golf
Miura offers custom built forged irons and a range of other clubs.

Mizuno Golf
Mizuno is maker of many popular iron sets. You'll also find putters, drivers, wedges, shoes, bags and accessories.

Nakashima Golf
High-end studio foundry best-known for its metal woods.

Never Compromise
Now a division of Cleveland Golf, Never Compromise is known for its putters.

Nickent Golf
Once an independent company, the Nickent brand is now owned by retailer Dick's Sporting Goods. The brand is found on hybrids, irons and putters.

Nicklaus Golf
Golf equipment from Jack Nicklaus along three different product brands, from high-end to value: Nicklaus Golf Equipment; Jack Nicklaus Golf; and Golden Bear.

Nike Golf
Nike Golf, whose equipment is played by Tiger Woods, offers a full line of men's and women's clubs, balls and accessories.

Formerly a standalone company focusing on metalwoods, now a brand with a full range of equipment.

Paragon Golf
Makers of finished clubs including drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons, plus junior sets and components (shafts, grips) and accessories. At one time, Paragon operated under the name Mitsushiba Golf.

Perfect Club
Makers of drivers and fairway metals that feature shorter shafts for greater control.

Ping Golf
One of the innovators in the golf industry, Ping (and founder Karsten Solheim) introduced perimeter-weighting to the golf market. Offers a full line of products and services.

Pinnacle is almost synonymous with "distance ball."

A division of Bridgestone Golf, makes golf balls and accessories.

Srixon was best known for balls when it first appeared on the scene, but now offers a full line of clubs and accessories.

STX Golf makes putters - and nothing but putters. STX was a pioneer in the insert-face technology developed in the 1980s.

Sweet Spot Golf
Makers of drivers, hybrids and putters, among others, that boast bright, aggressive clubhead graphics.

TaylorMade Golf
TaylorMade came on the scene with an innovative line of drivers, and continues strong in that category. Offers a full line of products.

Thomas Golf
This direct-to-customer manufacturer offers a full line of clubs.

Arguably the most famous name in golf equipment, and long one of the leading ball companies. Makes a full range of equipment and accessories.

Tommy Armour Golf
For decades a standalone company known particularly for its Silver Scot irons, now a brand offered through The Sports Authority stores.

The venerable golf ball brand is now owned by Dick's Sporting Goods. Known for value distance balls.

Tour Edge Golf
Tour Edge produces a full range of clubs, for men, women and juniors, from full sets to individual woods, irons, wedges and putters.

Wilson Golf / Wilson Staff
Wilson Staff is the brand the company uses for its high-end equipment aimed at better golfers; Wilson Golf is used on value equipment aimed at recreational golfers.

Williams Sports
UK-based Williams is famous for its Williams F1 racing teams. But the company, through its Williams Sports branch, also makes a full line of golf clubs, mostly (but not all) geared to better players.

Makers of a full array of clubs and accessories.

Golf Cart Manufacturers
Maybe you're in the market to buy your own golf cart. Or perhaps you already own one, but need to locate service or parts. The golf cart manufacturers below not only make golf cars, they have (in most cases) worldwide dealer networks and can service their models, as well.

TaylorMade Announces Purchase of Adams Golf
The adidas Group announced in March 2012 that its TaylorMade-adidas Group is purchasing Adams Golf. Adams will become a division of TaylorMade, with the Adams brand surviving.

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