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Golf Jokes


Every golfer needs a good laugh now and again. Our sport is a tough one to master, which perhaps helps explain why golf jokes are such a part of the game.

Below you'll find a list of golf jokes and stories of the longer variety (longer meaning several paragraphs or so). You can also check out our page of golf one-liners for quick quips.

Now on to the golf jokes:
God's Just Punishment
The Voice from the Clubhouse
Dear Abby
The Water Ball
Stone Cold
Arnie, Jack and Tiger Before God
A Liar and a Cheater
Did I Do That?
The Lost City
The Genie
Senior Caddies
The Ravine
The Worst Caddie
The Foursome
The Heifer
Tee Time
The Mermaid
The Octagenerian
Funeral Procession
Beware What You Ask
Small World
Terrible Weather Out There
Cardinal Nicklaus
Greenside Manner
The Cursing Nun

See also:
Golf one-liners and other short funnies

Submit Your Favorite Golf Jokes
If your favorite golf jokes aren't listed here, drop us a line (clean jokes only, please!). If we use a joke you submitted, you'll get the credit.

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