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Top 50 Female Golfers of All-Time


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Top 50 Female Golfers: No. 20 to No. 16
Se Ri Pak

The immediate success of Se Ri Pak in America launched an influx of Korean golfers to the LPGA.

By Andy Lyons/Getty Images; © Getty Images/Allsport USA; courtesy of LPGA and used with permission

20. Judy Rankin
Rankin is the greatest player in golf history - male or female - without a major championship victory. She won one fewer times than Jane Blalock, also without a major, but she accomplished more overall and had a higher peak value than Blalock. Blalock never won a money title; Rankin won two. Blalock never won a scoring title; Rankin won three. Blalock never was Player of the Year; Rankin was, twice. Rankin once finished in the Top 10 25 times in a single season. And she did it all while fighting terrible, chronic back pain during her best years that eventually forced her out of golf. With a better back and more time, Rankin might have wound up in the Top 10 on this list. But it's what she did - not what she might have done - that lands her at No. 20.

19. Se Ri Pak
She opened the door for the Korean influx to the LPGA Tour, and what a worthy pioneer Pak has turned out to be: 25 wins, five majors, a scoring title.

18. Carol Mann
Mann won 38 times in her LPGA career, including 10 times in one year. She's one of several golfers on this list (leading all the way up to Nancy Lopez) who won fewer majors than one would expect - just two. But the LPGA Tour did have many years in Mann's career when there were only two majors, or three, per season, rather than today's four.

17. Beth Daniel
You can make a case that out of all her great contemporaries - Bradley, Sheehan, King, Inkster, Alcott - Daniel had the most pure talent. She won money titles, scoring titles, Player of the Year awards, and tournaments - 33 of them. What she didn't win was multiple majors. Those others players each won at least five.

16. Amy Alcott
Twenty-nine wins and five majors. Hard to argue with that.

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