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Photo Gallery: Stacy Lewis at LPGA Q-School


Stacy Lewis enjoyed a stellar collegiate golf career at the University of Arkansas, earning multiple All-America mentions, winning double-digit tournaments, and earning a berth on the 2008 Curtis Cup team. Along the way, she made several appearances in LPGA tournaments that included a couple high finishes in majors. She turned pro in mid-2008.

Then, in December 2008, Lewis claimed medalist honors at the LPGA Final Qualifying Tournament. That win earned her playing privileges on the LPGA Tour. The photos in this gallery are from the LPGQ Q-School finals.

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Stacy Lewis - LPGA Q SchoolIn the BeginningStacy Lewis - LPGA Q SchoolDown the LineStacy Lewis - LPGA Q SchoolEasyStacy Lewis - LPGA Q SchoolRound 4
Stacy Lewis - LPGA Q SchoolReason to SmileStacy Lewis - LPGA Q SchoolStanding TallStacy Lewis - LPGA Q SchoolWalking Away with the CrownStacy Lewis - LPGA Q SchoolMedalist
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