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Sandra Gal in a Bikini


Sandra Gal in a bikini from the Wilhelmina 7 photo shoots.

Sandra Gal poses in a bikini during the "Wilhelmina 7" photo shoots.

Courtesy of Wilhelmina Artist Management; used with permission
This photo of golfer Sandra Gal in a bikini was taken during photo shoots for the "Wilhelmina 7" project.

Back in 2008, the world-famous Wilhelmina modeling agency signed seven professional women golfers and announced plans to market those golfers as beauty icons. Gal was one of the "Wilhelmina 7." Unfortunately, the project didn't take off as planned. But those seven golfers did take part in multiple photo shoots. (To view the other golfers and other images from the shoots, see our Wilhelmina 7 gallery.)

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