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Maria Verchenova Photos


Maria Verchenova (she began playing as Maria Balikoeva after marriage) has the distinction of being the first Russian female to play on any of the major women's tours, in Verchenova's case the Ladies European Tour. She achieved that claim to fame as an LET rookie in 2007.

Verchenova also does some modeling, combining golf and modeling in much the way that Anna Rawson has. More details about Verchenova are included inside the gallery.

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Maria VerchenovaCandidMaria Verchenova 2Lady In RedMaria Verchenova 3Evian MastersMaria VerchenovaHold That Pose
Maria VerchenovaBraidsMaria VerchenovaIn the SwingMaria VerchenovaWaitingMaria VerchenovaGoing for It
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