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Lorena Ochoa Retirement

Updates on the Lorena Ochoa Retirement Announcement


Lorena Ochoa retirement

The Lorena Ochoa retirement announcement caught many fans by surprise.

Photo © Patrick Micheletti; used with permission
On April 20, 2010, her management company confirmed that LPGA Tour star Lorena Ochoa is retiring from tournament golf, and a few days later Ochoa herself announced that retirement at a news conference in Mexico City.

Below are items relating to the Lorena Ochoa Retirement announcement.

It's Official: Ochoa Announces Retirement
Ochoa held a press conference on April 23, 2010, to confirm earlier reports of her retirement. She'll continue to play one tournament a year, however.

Impact of Ochoa retirement and her place in history
Will the Lorena Ochoa retirement hurt the LPGA Tour? And where does she rank among LPGA greats?

Don't worry - Ochoa will get into the Hall of Fame
A player must have 10 years on the LPGA Tour for induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame, and Ochoa won't. So how will she get in?

What Would You Say to Lorena?
Would you like to say thanks, good luck, or maybe try to talk her into changing her mind? Tell us what you'd like to say to Lorena Ochoa.

Lorena Ochoa Retiring from Golf
Lorena Ochoa plans to retire from the LPGA Tour, with Ochoa making the formal announcement at a news conference in Mexico City.

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