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Ryo Ishikawa

The Ryo Ishikawa Index on About.com


This page is our hub of information and features about Japanese golfer Ryo Ishikawa. As we add new stuff about Ryo Ishikawa to other parts of About.com Golf, we index those features here.

1. Ryo Ishikawa Biography

Ryo Ishikawa
Kiyoshi Ota / Getty Images
Read about Ryo Ishikawa's rise to fame with this chronicle of his early life and career in golf.

2. Ryo Ishikawa Photo Gallery: The Teen Years

Ryo Ishikawa 2009 PGA Championship
Stuart Franklin / Getty Images
This photo gallery follows Ishikawa from his first win at age 15 through his Presidents Cup selection, his round of 58, and through age 19.

3. Ryo Ishikawa Shoots 58 in Japan Tour Tournament

Ryo Ishikawa
Sam Greenwood / Getty Images
Not only did Ishikawa card a score of 58, he did so in the final round to win the tournament. Here are the details of this achievement.

4. Ishikawa Chosen for Presidents Cup

Ryo Ishikawa was selected by Captain Greg Norman to join the International Team at the 2009 Presidents Cup. Ishikawa was 17 years old at the time.

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