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John Daly Pictures

Photo Galleries of John Daly


Looking for John Daly pictures? Below are photo galleries of the popular golfer here on About.com. Click the title to enter the gallery and view the photos.

1. John Daly Through the Years

John Daly - 1991 PGA Championship Trophy
Stephen Munday / Getty Images
This collection of John Daly pictures includes photos beginning in 1991, when Daly burst on the scene at the PGA Championship, and continuing throughout his career. The best of John Daly - and some of the bad, too - is covered here.

2. John Daly and Loudmouth Pants

John Daly 2009 Italian Open Round 2
Stuart Franklin / Getty Images
The always-bold Daly began wearing the ever-brash Loudmouth Golf brand in mid-2009. This gallery shows Daly playing in Loudmouth pants, whose kaleidescope patterns are always ... interesting.
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