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Camilo Villegas Pictures

Photo Galleries of Camilo Villegas


Looking for Camilo Villegas pictures? Below are galleries of the popular Colombian golfer available here on About.com Golf. Click to enter one of the galleries and check out the photos.

Camilo Villegas Spider-Man Pose

Camilo Villegas Spiderman
Scott Halleran / Getty Images
Camilo goes low to read greens. Very low. Almost down on his belly. His contortionist balancing act is most commonly referred to as his "Spider-Man pose" or "Spider-Man technique." Here are some photos of Villegas striking the pose, along with comments from Villegas about the technique, and a poll at the end.

Camilo Villegas at the 2008 Tour Championship

Camilo Villegas
Scott Halleran / Getty Images
This gallery includes photos from the 2008 Tour Championship at East Lake Country Club in Atlanta, where Villegas won a playoff over Sergio Garcia for the title. It marked the second-straight victory for Villegas in as many Tour events.

At the 2007 Nissan Open

Camilo Villegas
Photo © Rich Hodge; used with permission
Here is Villegas in 2007 at the PGA Tour Nissan Open, played at Riviera Country Club.
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