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Camilo Villegas' Spider-Man Pose


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"I Think My Leg Would Fall Off"
Camilo Villegas Spiderman

A "rear" view of Camilo Villegas' so-called "Spider-Man pose" on the putting green.

Scott Halleran / Getty Images
"I've heard some interesting comments from the galleries," Camilo Villegas said in an interview not long after bringing his "Spider-Man pose" to the PGA Tour. No doubt he has, as fans usually love it when Villegas hits the turf.

What do other players think about his pose? Said Villegas: "I’m not sure what other players or other people think about, it but as long as it’s working, I’m sticking with it."

When other players are asked whether they would ever employ Villegas' tactic, their response is usually something along the lines of, "Are you crazy? I'd never be able to get up."

At the 2007 Shark Shootout, Chris DiMarco said, "I can't do it. I can promise you that. You know, (Camilo is) flexible enough to do that. I think my leg would fall off."

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