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Ian Poulter Fashion Show

An On-Course Look at Ian Poulter Clothing


Ian Poulter loves fashion. So much that he has his own clothing design company - Ian Poulter Design. The IJP Web site describes Poulter's goal as creating "high quality, unique, funky and distinctive apparel that fuses functionality with fashion."

"Funky" and "distinct" are two words often used to describe Poulter's golf outfits. "Outrageous," "wild" and "goofy" are some other words sometimes used. But for every detractor, there more fans of Poulter's clothing. And like every fashionista, Poulter has his hits and misses. You'll some examples of both in the gallery that follows.

According to the British newspaper The Independent, Poulter's mother was manager of a Dorothy Perkins, a women's fashion chain. His Web site states, "Ian's passion for clothing started at an early age and to feed this desire he worked at the Stevenage market merchandising and selling clothes."

You can vote "yay" or "nay" on each of Poulter's outfits on the pages that follow.

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Ian Poulter ClothingIn the PinkIan Poulter ClothingVested InterestIan Poulter ClothingChecks MixIan Poulter ClothingPurple Pro
Ian Poulter ClothingBlue and PinkIan Poulter ClothingThe Red-EyeIan Poulter ClothingBlack ShoesIan Poulter ClothingBlack Canary
Ian Poulter ClothingEarth TonesIan Poulter ClothingOpen or Shut?Ian Poulter Clothing'Question'-able Decision?Ian Poulter ClothingIn His Arsenal
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