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2 Aces in 5 Holes? This Golfer Did It - and He'd Never Even Birdied!

Amazing feat witnessed by golf instructor Rick Smith


Golf instructor Rick Smith with Phil Mickelson

Golf instructor Rick Smith (right, when then-client Phil Mickelson) witnessed the two amazing aces described on this page.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Sixty-seven million to one. Those are the odds of a golfer making two holes-in-one in the same round of golf. Are the odds even higher for an amateur who has never even made a birdie before? And to do so in one five-hole stretch? Those odds must be even more astronomical.

But that's exactly what Sanjay Kuttemperoor, of Naples, Fla., during a Summer 2006 round at the Treetops Resort in Michigan. And there's no doubt the feat is legitimate - it happened during the pro-am for the ING Par-3 Shootout (a silly season tournament) and witnesses included Kuttemperoor's playing partner, the famed instructor Rick Smith.

Kuttemperoor did it in style, too, bouncing his second ace into the cup off a tree!

"I've never seen anything like it in my whole life," said Smith. "It was amazing."

Playing the Treetops' Par-3 course, Kuttemperoor's first ace came at the 5th hole, using an 8-iron.

"I hit a solid shot and didn't see it go in the hole because the pin was right over a ridge," Kuttemperoor said in an interview with ESPN's Charlie Rymer. "Rick (Smith) looked at me and said, 'I think that went in the hole!' I ran down the hill and my ball was in the hole. I couldn't believe it."

Kuttemperoor, only an occasional golfer who had never even made a birdie before, then doubled his pleasure on the 9th hole. Kuttemperoor pushed the tee shot right and saw the ball hit a tree near the green. Smith said he saw the ball carom toward the hole, but Kuttemperoor first checked in the rough.

"Sure enough, when I finally strolled to the green and looked in the hole, there it was," Kuttemperoor said.

After all that, Kuttemperoor had still never made a birdie. His two aces were eagles.

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