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Professional Golfers

Information about Pro Golfers


Lorena Ochoa

Lorena Ochoa is one of the golfers featured on About.com.

Photo by Patrick Micheletti; used with permission
Looking for articles, bios and other information about professional golfers? Check out these resources about pro golfers, including photo galleries, on About.com:

Golfers - Bios

Read biographical profiles of famous golfers. These bios include the usual facts and figures, plus trivia, quotes, and sketches of the golfers' careers. Choose your page:
Male Golfers
Female Golfers
Famous Golfers (the full list, men and women combined)

Golfers - Photos

Our collection of golfer pictures includes dozens of galleries of both male and female golfers. Check out the index page of golfer pictures.

Most Popular Galleries:
Tiger Woods Pictures
Michelle Wie Pictures
Natalie Gulbis Pictures
Paula Creamer Pictures

Golfer Hubs

These are index pages for a variety of features - photo galleries, biographies, etc. - dedicated to each golfer.

Golfers - Facts & Figures

Our Golf Almanac section tells you which golfers have awards and led their respective tours in wins, money and other stat categories. Our Golf Records section tells you which golfers are the recordholders in various categories on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, and in major events.

Golfers - Trivia Quizzes

Our collection of golf trivia quizzes includes many quizzes, some about the golf majors, others about individual golfers. Check out these golfers quizzes for great trivia:
Tiger Woods trivia
Jack Nicklaus trivia
Arnold Palmer trivia
Phil Mickelson trivia
Annika Sorenstam trivia
Michelle Wie trivia

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