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Pro Golfers and Famous Golfers

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Biographies of Famous Golfers
Want to read about your favorite golfers from the game's history? This pages lists our biographies of famous golfers, both men and women.

Golfer Pictures: Photo Galleries of Tour Players
There are thousands of photos of pro golfers on About.com. Here, we gather those photos into easy-to-view galleries of your favorites and of the biggest stars, both male and female golfers. Find your favorite golfer, then click to view his or her photos.

Golf Glamour Shots Photo Galleries
Below are photo galleries of some popular golfers' "glamour shots." The photos in each gallery show the golfers posing for photo shoots or all dressed up to go out on the town or attend a formal function. Click your faves to view the galleries.

Golf Records
If you want to know which golfers hold what records, this is where to go. On this page we list records for the PGA and LPGA tours; for all four professional majors; for the Ryder Cup and for more.

This page includes links to the different areas of About.com Golf with info about golfers - such as the golfers bio and golfers pictures sections. Sort of an overview of what's available about golfers here.

Golf Almanac
The Golf Almanac is an index page of information about pro golf. In the almanac you can find year-by-year money leaders, scoring leaders, Rookies of the Year, Players of the Year and so on for the pro tours. Plus more information such as the leaders in career wins and major championship victories.

Career Wins on PGA Tour
Who has the most career victories on the PGA Tour? Find out.

Career Wins on Champions Tour
Who has the most career wins on the Champions Tour? Find out.

Career Wins on LPGA Tour
Who has the most career wins on the LPGA Tour? Find out.

Golfers' Reviews: Read Opinions or Share Your Own
Wanted: Your reviews of golf clubs, balls, courses, books, movies, gadgets, accessories and more. Our Reader Reviews section gives you the chance to submit your own reviews of golf products to be published here on About.com; or to read reviews already submitted by your fellow golfers.

Golfers Talk in the Forum
Want to discuss professional golfers - or just hang out and converse with your fellow golfers? The About.com Golf Forum is a great place to do just that. Go to the Golf Forum homepage, or go to the Men's Tours, Players and Events or Women's Tours, Players and Events folders.

Search About.com for Golfers
If you don't see above the information about golfers you're looking for, click this link to conduct a search of About.com for "golfers." This brings up loads of pages to browse.

Golfers' Wines
Many professional golfers are wine aficionados, but some have taken the big step of getting directly involved in the wine business. That might mean launching their own vineyards to produce wine, or partnering with a vineyard to launch a private-label vintage. Below are some of the golfers who are producing their own wine labels.

World Golf Hall of Fame Member Profiles
Learn more about golf's Hall of Famers with these biographical profiles on the World Golf Hall of Fame Website.

2 Aces in 5 Holes? This Golfer Did It - and He'd Never Even Birdied!
It's true - a golfer who had never even made a birdie recorded two holes-in-one in one 5-hole stretch. And the feat was witnessed by a famous golf instructor.

What Ben Hogan Said When He Witnessed a Shank
Check out the funny reaction that Ben Hogan had when he watched a young pupil hit the dreaded shank.

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